Amerispec Inspection Services

Sewer Scope Training

More In-Person dates coming soon, but you can learn right now with our pre-recorded sewer cam qualified training.

Everything you need to know about incorporating sewer camera inspections into your home inspection business. The tools you’ll need, accessing difficult cleanouts, identifying what type of pipe is in place, identifying and classifying multiple defects and more! Upon completion, inspector may use the “Sewer Cam Qualified” logo to identify themselves as a professional operator with advanced training!

Classes are held from 1-5PM Local time. Addresses for in person attendees to be announced soon. Live stream attendees will receive an email from Zoom with a link to the online meeting.


This session will cover introduction to sewer scoping, equipment, SOPs/processes, identifying anomalies, health and hygiene, benefits to the buying public, real estate agents and the inspectors business. Many photos and videos will be presented to demonstrate and reinforce attendee learning retention.

Sewercam Chevron