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Learn from our decades of experience on topics like pool inspections, advanced plumbing issues, how to properly report defects, and how to grow and develop a multi-inspector business. Jon Bolton and Jeff Clair will bring a wealth of knowledge and a charismatic presentation that will entertain and inform your attendees. Contact us now to discuss your next event.
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Advanced Pool inspections (about 6 hours)

This is a code-based (FBCR/IRC/NEC) class specifically for home inspectors covering everything needed to know in order to perform professional pool inspections. Students learn a solid inspection SOP and inspection techniques as well as several other income streams. With exam, student can earn “Certified Advanced Pool Inspector”.

Defective building and electrical products (1-2 hours)

This class covers many defective building products and processes.  These are must know subjects every inspector should be familiar with.

Building science, inspection processes and avoiding claims (2 hours)

Water is the #1 claim against home inspectors.  Therefore, inspectors need to be familiar with thermal dynamics, have excellent inspection and reporting processes.

Advanced mechanical and profit centers (4 hours)

Inspecting HVAC systems is so much more than a delta T but unfortunately, that’s all most inspectors learn.  This class focuses on the refrigeration process, advanced inspection techniques, airflow and creating other streams of income.

Advanced plumbing which includes a whole section on PEX (2-3 hours)

This class covers several different waste and supply piping types including a focus on PEX “the new poly”.  We cover venting, traps, water heater safety features, on demand water heating and more.

Advanced electrical (4 hours)

This class is code based, FBCR/IRC/NEC and covers Ohm’s Law, concepts of electricity, panels, overcurrent protection devices and requirements, conductors, splices, receptacles and placement requirements, GFCI/AFCI protection, grounding and bonding, cloth wiring and much more.

Pre-drywall inspections (7-8 hours)

This code-based course provides the inspector with knowledge and skills required to conduct Pre-Drywall Inspections. It includes the limitations and responsibilities of the inspector and how to report their findings to the client.  Includes masonry, framing, truss, electrical and plumbing trades and reading truss installation packages.

Structural inspections (4 hours)

This class is code-based, IRC/FBCR and covers inspections, proper definitions, inspector’s role, failures, foundations, masonry, wood framing and many pictorial illustrations.

Funny field finds w some case studies (1 Hour)

There is no shortage of stupid and we can prove it!  Numerous and humorous on the funny and frightening right here.  We also include case study observations on building science, fiberglass plywood sheathing, self-priming traps, a horrific fiberglass pool installation, balconies and a hoarder-type house.

Defect reporting (2 Hours)

This class began as a training tool for our inspection company.  We call is “What do you see and what would you say?”  Numerous field finds, some odd, some ancient and some are just simple training exercises for field inspectors.

Developing into a multi-inspector company (2 hours)

There’s nothing wrong with maintaining a single inspector operation but the multi-inspector advantages far outweigh that of “Stan in a van”.  We cover establishing your mission, vision and values, structuring your organization for success, creating an organizational chart and developing hiring and training systems and more.

Introductions to home inspections (2 hours)

So you’re thinking about becoming a home inspector?  Times have changed and expectation levels can be far more than you are prepared for.  We introduce State and Industry Standards, single operator vs multi-inspector firms and real estate agent relationships. We talk about education, tools and profit centers.

Home inspection Safety (2 hours)

Have you ever had a gun held to your head at an inspection?  This class covers a broad spectrum of home inspection safety issues and scenarios.  Not necessarily the obvious but a lot of things you are simply unaware of.

What to expect from an inspection

You opinion on a home inspection is only what you have experience with.  Often an experience with a home inspector that resulted in no problems (yet) may appear satisfactory or even superior, but without a comparison to other companies, you may not even realize that what appeared as superior to you then is really basic to another company who’s service, acumen and systems exceed those of smaller or lesser experienced companies.

The State Standards for home inspectors are actually pretty low and provide bare minimum requirements for depth of knowledge and consumer protection. This class will expose you to a broader view of the industry and provide the real estate agent or investor an opportunity to improve their strategic position in this complicated and social media driven game of business.

Defective building products

This class covers many defective building products and processes.  These are must know subjects every agent and investor should be familiar with in order to facilitate and negotiate a deal to minimize wasted time spent marketing and meeting.

Commercial inspections

Commercial inspections (Property Condition Assessments) are different than home inspections yet so many home inspectors treat them as the same. This practice may not accomplish the goals of the investor.  There are also several other practical services not typically included within a PCA or a home inspection that commercial building buyers should know and utilize to better their position.

New construction

New construction inspections are difficult, require education and experience in the construction trades, code knowledge and the ability to read blueprints and truss package installation manuals.  Few home inspectors are qualified to perform them.  This class will cover why and how to find a qualified inspector who has this ability and insurance coverages above and beyond that of a simple home inspector.

Pool safety

Would you really like to differentiate yourself and create more value for your clients and your career?  This class explores pool safety features like barrier systems and current requirements as well as electrical protection in and around swimming pools.  Learn how to spot bonding and several other life safety issues and establish yourself as the real estate rockstar.

Ancillary inspections

WOW, there are soooo many different real estate related inspection services!  We’ll cover sewer scoping, wind mitigations, mold inspection and testing, pool leak detection, water intrusion investigations, pool bonding and stray voltage testing, infrared inspections, advanced HVAC inspections, fire door and balcony inspections!

Building science and moisture intrusion

In Florida, the flow of heat and moisture laden air is towards the interior of the home.  Learn basic building science and how to identify and address issues that lead to indoor air quality problems, mold, wall, flooring and structural damage.

Funny and frightening real estate finds

This is a hysterical presentation of field finds that prove there is no shortage of stupid!  A great comical relief from those things that make you go hmmmmm, LOL.

Tactical real estate negotiations

Based on Jon’s book Tactical Real Estate Negotiator, this class covers information that real estate investors use to negotiate better deals.  These are things not taught in regular investor seminars.  You will discover how to instantly recognize defective building products you can use to negotiate better deals, limit your losses and manage your real estate risks.  Discover your real estate leverage!

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Professional Level Safety Jon Bolton

Our Speakers

Jon Bolton

Jon Bolton

  • B.S. degree in Building Construction, University of Florida
  • State Certified Home Inspector
  • State Certified Mold Assessor
  • State Certified Mold Remediator
  • State Certified Radon Measurement Tech
  • State Certified WDO Inspector
  • ASHI Certified Member
  • FABI Master Professional Inspector
  • ICC Residential Building and Plumbing Inspector B1, P1
  • ITA Certified Manufactured Home Inspector
  • PaRR Disaster Housing Inspector
  • Wind & Hurricane Mitigation Inspector
  • Author and national speaker
  • Author – Tactical Real Estate Negotiator
  • EPA Certified Renovator
  • BESI Building Envelope Inspector
  • NAMM Certified Moisture Management Inspector
  • Remote Airman Certificate with sUAS rating 
  • NSPF Certified Pool-Spa Inspector
  • NORMI Certified Biocide Applicator
  • NOA Certified Ozone Technician
  • HIUFL Owner/Instructor

Jon holds a BS in Building Construction from the University of Florida. He has been performing home inspections since 1998. He has authored many home inspection related articles for local and national publications. He is the author of the book Tactical Real Estate Negotiator and Co-author of The Savvy Agent. He has been featured on several radio programs, in the New York Times, Orlando Magazine, Inspekt Magazine and CFRI, IRC and FABI newsletters. He was an instructor at Home Inspection Academy from 2011-2017.

Jeff Clair

Jeffrey R. Clair

  • Florida State Certified General Contractor 058361
  • Florida State Certified Roofing Contractor 1328940
  • Florida State Certified Home Inspector #725
  • Florida State Certified Mechanical Contractor 1250122
  • Florida State Certified Underground Utility & Excavation Contractor 056828
  • FABI Master Professional Inspector #0437
  • Florida State Certified Standard Building Inspector 5316
  • Building Official Association of Florida 7156
  • EPA Universal Refrigerant Certification
  • US Dept. of Energy Certified Home Energy Assessor

Jeff Clair is a Florida State Licensed General Contractor, Roofing Contractor, Underground Utility & Excavation Contractor, Mechanical Contractor, Residential Pool & Spa Contractor, Standard Building Code Inspector and Florida Certified Home Inspector. A native Floridian, Mr. Clair has over 30 years of experience in the Florida construction industry.

Mr. Clair owns and operates Topline Construction Services, Inc. dba Chief Inspection Services in St. Cloud, FL. The primary services include Residential & Light Commercial Inspections & Consultation, Pre‐Purchase Home Inspections; HVAC Consultation Services, Repair and Replacements; Energy Conservation Upgrades; Commercial Project Management; Site Grading, Excavation & Water Management.

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