Inspector Tool Kit

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This is a collection of our recommended tools for your Inspection tool kit. The tools that every home inspector needs to buy.

Mirror Kit

In order to view inside skimmers and pipes during an advanced level pool inspection, you’ll need a mirror. We recommend a small, medium and large size mirror for different sized openings. Be sure to wipe them dry prior to contraction for longevity of your tools.

Ullman HTE-2 Glass High-Tech Telescoping Inspection Mirror, 1-1/4″ Diameter, 6-1/2″ to 35″ Extended Handle Length

Ullman HTC-2 Pocket Size Telescoping Inspection Mirror with 2.25 inch Round Mirror and Black Handle

3 Pieces Telescoping Inspection Mirror

Bonding and Stray Voltage Testing Kit

Adding bonding and stray voltage testing to your inspection toolbox is inexpensive, easy and provides a truly valuable service to your clients. This kit has more than enough parts to complete 2 test kits as long as you purchase 2 painters poles and 2 sets of test leads.

Each kit will need it’s own multi-meter or simply keep an extra kit as a backup or for another inspector to use.

Rubbermaid Lacquered-Wood Handle With Threaded Metal Tip

#8 x 1/2″ Phillips Modified Truss Head Self-Drilling Tek Screw

Heat Shrink Tubing Kit

Plastic Handle Test Probe Metal Alligator Clips

14AWG Speaker Wire

35″ Long Digital Laboratory Multimeter Voltmeter Test Lead

Klein Tools CL120 Digital Clamp Meter

Camera Kit

A great tool that you will use not only for advanced level pool inspections but can also be used for interior drains or in borescope necessary situations, it’s a small camera. This camera has not only the forward view but also a dual lens that enables you to view pipes or wall cavities from the side of the camera.  This is a truly amazing tool you will get a lot of use from. 

DEPSTECH Dual Lens Industrial Endoscope, 1080P Digital Borescope Inspection Camera

Ferret Plus Wireless Inspection Camera

CammPro I826 1296P HD Body Camera

Sewer Plug tools

When performing sewer scopes, you will come across clean outs that require tools for entry. These tools are inexpensive and fit multiple types of plugs/caps.

Superior Tool Company 03932 Drum Trap Wrench with Wrench for Removing and Installing Threaded Plugs

Cleanout plug wrench for 3 and 4 inch sewer caps

SANGDA Adjustable Wrench, Short Shank Large Opening Bathroom Spanner Wrench Nut Hand Tool